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The Movement
What is #itsmymove?
Young women face challenges participating in sport and recreation in Aotearoa New Zealand. Factors like time pressure and lack of confidence mean they gradually participate less and drop out of structured activity at a faster rate than young men. So how do we support them in leading healthy, active lives? It starts by understanding what matters to them.

It’s a fact that young women are doing less physical activity than young men of the same age. Young women spend less time per week being physically active than young men. There is a 17% gap at age 16 and a 28% gap at age 17. But why?

#itsmymove explores factors like judgement, lack of confidence and fear of failure that are barriers to increasing participation by young women. Become part of the #itsmymove movement and help young women to be active and healthy their way. Here’s how: 

  • As a sector leader or provider, explore the research and understand what matters and what motivates young women 
  • As a parent or caregiver, understand your role in supporting young women in the world of sport and recreation 
  • As a young woman, move your own way and discover the many ways to be active 

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Who's on board

Meet our ambassadors

Jess Quinn headshot
Jess Quinn

Jess Quinn is an outspoken advocate for moving our bodies regardless of our abilities. Prior to losing her leg to cancer when she was 8 years old, she played “every sport under the sun” but going through her teen years, she struggled with accepting her body and the way it now moved. Jess now aims to help others through their journey to acceptance.

Arizona Leger profile image
Arizona Leger

Young leader Arizona Leger is using her voice to support gender equality in sport and recreation. A 2021 Young New Zealander of the Year nominee, she descends from Te Rarawa and Whakatōhea, and is an emerging director on the Counties Manukau Rugby Union board. As a young woman she experienced challenges and barriers to being active and is now speaking out in the hope her experiences will help empower other young women in this space.

Wendy Petrie profile image
Wendy Petrie

News anchor and broadcaster Wendy Petrie lives in an active household. With a husband who works for Les Mills and three sporty children it’s hard to imagine that building a passion for physical activity was ever a concern.  However, in parenting teenage girls, she’s become all too aware of how physical activity environments can both encourage and discourage young women.

Irene Van Dyk Profile image
Irene Van Dyk

Irene van Dyk is a Participation Manager at Netball NZ.  She played international netball from 1994-2014, representing South Africa (72 Test Caps) and New Zealand (145 Test Caps).  As a parent herself, Irene says it’s incredibly important for parents and caregivers to be their children’s role models. Irene is passionate about our young women and would love for all of them to be happy within themselves, active and accepting of everyone around them.

April Ieremia profile image
April Ieremia

April Ieremia has enjoyed an expansive career which has taken her around the world.  The former Silver Fern began as a P.E teacher in Christchurch, was a TV Sports Presenter, became a netball coach, is currently with Marvels Netball and is the Sports Manager at Westlake Girls High School.  She is the mother of two rowers, 19-year-old Atlanta and 17-year-old Xanda. April appreciates the buzz active recreation and sport brings and is keen for everyone to experience the fun with friends.

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