Coach Developers

11 June 2019

Advice for people who develop coaches. Coach Developers often work for National Sport Organisations and Regional Sport Organisations who deliver and facilitate coaching workshops and courses.

Coach and athlete development continuum

It is useful to understand where Coach Developers sit along the continuum of coach and athlete development. We all understand that coaches work with and develop athletes. There are also people who develop coaches (Coach Developers), and people who train coach developers (Trainers). In some systems there may even be Master Trainers who train the Trainers.

Having these different roles identified and understood helps ensure that the specific support and development requirements of each role are met, which in turn strengthens the coach development system.

Coach Developers play a crucial role in the initial formal training of coaches as well as in the way coaches are developed, supported and nurtured on the job.

Sport NZ Coach Developer training

It is estimated that there are several hundred Coach Developers throughout New Zealand working in a variety of settings. Many sports have yet to develop a comprehensive training programme for them. Therefore, Sport NZ has developed a Coach Developer Training Course with the aim to improve the effectiveness of coach developers across all sports.

About the Course

The course is delivered by experienced trainers licensed by Sport NZ. The course provides a blue-print for sports organisations to adapt and apply to their own coach development needs.

The course comprises two elements:

  1. Three day residential course includes highly practical activities with significant use of practice fields (role plays); pre-course preparation is required.
  2. Post course mentoring and support by the experienced trainers includes feedback after in-the-field observation, for example, at courses, workshops, training sessions or seminars, or through video.

For details of the next course contact Andy Rogers at Sport NZ.

"The Course provided coach educators and developers with a clear understanding of how to help develop coaches and get the best out of them"... Course attendee.

Coach Developer tool box

Resources and tools for coach developers:

See the New Zealand Coaching Strategy.

Develop a coaching pathway

Each NSO must develop a high-quality coaching system to support its participants and athletes.

  • NSO Programme Development Guide (DOC). A step-by-step guide to creating or improving coaching systems.
  • Coach Development Framework (PDF). How to create a coach education framework, athlete characteristics and needs at different stages of development. The framework aligns with the updated NZ Coaching Strategy and the Community Sport and High Performance Coaching Plans.
  • Learn from peers. Sports can also learn from the coaching systems of other sports. Many have developed a one- or two-page Coach Development Framework outlining their coach development pathway and a Coaching Plan that sets out how they will deliver their framework. Refer to their websites for examples.

Coach development programme guidelines

Coach development modules

Modules providing general principle modules for their specific sports, facilitator guidelines to deliver modules and hand out resources or materials for coaches. See Coach Development Modules - Learning Resources and Materials.

For more resources, see the Coaching resources page.

Coach awards and recognition

Recognising your coaches and making them feel valued is really important if you want to retain them. There are many ways to do this - one is to send a coach a thank you e-card at the Lotto Sport NZ Sport Makers site.

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