New Governance 101 online training – now live

11 June 2019

Sport New Zealand is delighted to announce that the new introduction to governance course is live on the SportTutor learning platform.


NO CHARGE – available to all

  • High quality interactive training
  • Covering the key principles of not for profit governance
  • Connected to the governance framework for sport and recreation
  • 2-3 hours to complete

View the course online now at SportTutor.

What the course focusses on

  • Clarity of purpose and setting outcomes
  • The board as genuine governors – acting as a layer of ownership rather than a layer of management
  • Being accountable for the use of time and money

The course responds to the findings of the 2014 benchmark review of governance in the sector.

Six modules and a short assessment

  • What's my job? The role of the director
  • What’s our job? The strategic role of the board
  • Who does the job? Recruiting and retaining the best people
  • Let’s meet. Inside the boardroom
  • Who do we work for? Accountability, ethics and integrity
  • What’s next? Actions and further resource

Who is the course for?

  • Aimed at not for profit directors on “governance boards”. Generally where there is a logical governance/staff separation.
  • All directors on these boards, even experienced practitioners will find the refresher useful.
  • Chief executives and senior staff.
  • Anyone with a sector development perspective inside RSTs or NSOs.
  • The modules are broadly generic with limited sport specificity. They are available to the wider NFP sector.

Strong use of video

Contributions from experienced sector practitioners:

Jane Huria, Sue Suckling, Jan Dawson, Peter Fitzsimmons, Dame Therese Walsh, Diana Puketapu, Jennifer Gill and Prue Younger and David Rutherford.

Contributions from governance practitioners:

Graeme Nahkies, Terry Kilmister, Simon Telfer and Iain McCormick

View the course online now at SportTutor.

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