BoardTalk, 17 July 2017

18 July 2017

The latest BoardTalk newsletter.

Welcome to the BoardTalk newsletter for July 2017. If you have any feedback on our publication, please email us.

Changes to the Governance Evaluation System

Logging in is now unique, requiring one password for each organisation. More details here.

Other improvements

  • A design update
  • Alignment to the Governance Framework (whole of board module)
  • Updated question sets in other modules (individual director, chair and management’s view of the board
  • Duplicate organisations removed and data merged
  • General security and code upgrade

Governance Mark

There are now twenty organisations somewhere in the process. We anticipate further Governance Marks being awarded as development programmes are completed in the next few months.


Change to the Incorporated Societies Act

Not a lot to report here, MBIE are still reviewing submissions. They expect the Bill to be introduced into the House in 2018. If so, the new legislation will then likely be passed in 2019 and come into force in two steps – in 2021 and 2023. For any information and updates find them here.

Funders want to see failure

We learn from our errors. Funders and stakeholders want to know the good and the not so good. Good discussion from RSM New Zealand on the value of reporting bad news. Read more here.

The Board Perspective

A large collection of McKinsey insights on governance, largely based on their work and research in large entities but the themes and issues are very similar. Read more here.

How you lead, how you manage, how you contribute!

Short article from Harvard Business Review on what boards should focus on in self evaluation.

10 cultural norms for a high performing board

Good short piece on what turns a group of good people into a great board, read more here.