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Ā mātou mauri pounamu

Our mauri greenstone

Ā mātou mauri pounamu

Our mauri greenstone

Te tūārongo - Background 

Sport NZ CEO, Toihautū, Neavin Broughton (Te Atiawa), and four other staff travelled to Arahura. The organisation was ready to accept the responsibility, stewardship and commitment of having its own mauri stone. Through the connection of Neavin Broughton and with the permission and guidance of the Weepu Whānau of Ngāti Waewae we were fortunate to have retrieved our mauri pounamu.   

We also had two kete made by the Hīkoikoi weavers, one was a mahinga kete for the mauri to travel in and the other kete was the kainga for the mauri to lay adorned in.

Te kaupapa - the purpose 

They are symbolic of our bi-cultural heritage and future, a tangible reminder of our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Māori. 

Sport NZ Ihi Aotearoa are privileged to be kaitiaki of three mauri pounamu.  All three have been named after three ancient Māori concepts of pono, tika, aroha:   

  • Kia Pono ki te kaupapa - Be authentic to the purpose 
  • Kia Tika te mahi - Act with integrity 
  • Me Aroha ki te tangata - Respect others.  

Ko te aronga o ēnei mauri – The role of these Mauri 


The role of the Māreikura is to protect home and provide sustenance for the whānau.  A Māreikura is solid, unwavering and always has a presence at home.  A Māreikura is considered the ahikā or the keeper of the home fires.  A Māreikura is the female equivalent to a Whatukura.  The name of the Māreikura is Kia Pono.  

Using ‘Kia pono ki te kaupapa’ as its guide and through being authentic in all Sport NZ does, the name ‘Kia Pono’ will support the Māreikura pounamu to ensure that all kaupapa it is involved in is pono. 


One of the roles of a Whatukura (as a person) is to explore and create relationships in the world.  A Whatukura gathers information and knowledge and shares it.  A Whatukura is considered the ahitere or the creator of home fires in new lands.  A Whatukura is the male equivalent to a Māreikura.  The Name of the Whatukura is Kia Tika.         

Using ‘Kia tika te mahi’ as its guide and acting with integrity in all Sport NZ does, the name ‘Kia Tika’ will support the Whatukura pounamu to ensure that all kaupapa it is involved in is tika. 


The role of the Toihautū is to make manifest the aspirations and dreams of both a Whatukura and a Māreikura through guiding people along pathways.  A Toihautū uses the knowledge gathered by a Whatukura and the stability provided by a Māreikura to create pathways to the future.  The name of Toihautū is Me Aroha.  

Using ‘Me aroha ki te tangata’ as its guide and through being open and respectful, the name ‘Me Aroha’ will support the Toihautū pounamu to ensure that all kaupapa it is involved in has aroha as a base. 

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