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Aquatic Facility Guidelines

Aquatic Facility Guidelines

Sport New Zealand and the New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA) recognises there is a need to have up-to-date industry standards and guidelines. The updated Aquatic Facility Guidelines, set out in nine chapters, outline current best practice and industry standards, and provide templates and requirements for managers and operators of aquatic facilities.

The guidelines include a wider variety of aquatic facilities (thermal and spa pools, hospitality and school pools) and special pool features such as hydro slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers.

The guidelines have been updated with contributions and advice from industry personnel. The scope has been broadened to include a wider variety of aquatic facilities (thermal and spa pools, hospitality and school pools) and special pool features such as hydro slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction and Contacts

    Contact details for all organisations relevant to the aquatic industry.

    Download Chapter 1 here (pdf, 730kb)

  • Chapter 2: Health and Safety

    Information pertaining to PoolSafe, legislation, risk management and hazard awareness, emergencies, equipment, customer hygiene, faecal incidents and cryptosporidium, common injuries and first aid.

    Download Chapter 2 here (pdf, 2mb)

  • Chapter 3: Customer Care

    Includes topics of customer service, satisfaction, education, disability awareness, customer safety code, FAQs from customers, privacy and photography.

    Download Chapter 3 here (pdf, 1.2mb)

  • Chapter 4: Facility Operation

    Covers topics relating to normal operating procedures, supervision of facilities and activities, and communication. Included is information: 

    • about customer requirements  
    • about location and equipment issues relating to childcare and fitness suites and gyms  
    • specific to the operation of school and community pools, hospitality pools and thermal pools.

    Download Chapter 4 here (pdf, 1.4mb)

  • Chapter 5: Plant Operation

    Information on water quality, water treatment procedures, filtration systems and cleaning.

    Download Chapter 5 here (pdf, 2.3mb)

  • Chapter 6: Facility Management

    Information on asset management.

    Download Chapter 6 here (pdf, 650kb)

  • Chapter 7: Personnel

    Includes legislation, recruitment and selection, training and development, managing staff, staff presentation and protection, problem solving, and information on staff qualification and training.

    Download Chapter 7 here (pdf, 2mb)

  • Chapter 8: Facility Development

    Covers topics of the planning process, pool specifications, design and facility upgrades.

    Download Chapter 8 here (pdf, 750kb)

  • Chapter 9: Legislation and Standards

    Lists all NZ standards and legislation relevant to aquatic facilities.

    Download Chapter 9 here (pdf, 700kb)

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