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BBNZ Indoor Spaces-and-places guide

BBNZ Indoor Spaces-and-places guide

This guide is designed to help Basketball New Zealand (BBNZ), basketball Associations, territorial authorities (TAs) and regional sports trusts (RSTs) to work together to enhance the basketball facility network. 

Download the guide from the BBNZ website.


The guide is designed to provide: 

  • A profile of basketball so that TAs, RSTs and other readers gain an understanding of the relationship between the sport and facilities and opportunities for mutual benefits. 
  • An easy summary of the NSF for Indoor Sports, highlighting key findings that relate to basketball. 
  • A link between the NSF for Indoor Sports and BBNZ’s strategic vision outlined in the “Game Plan” document. 
  • An increased understanding of ways in which Associations and the Zones should engage with TAs, based on Sport New Zealand’s existing work on TA engagement. 
  • Recommendations on ways in which the Zones and Associations can work towards resolving the challenges they are facing through collaboration with facility providers. 
  • A case study that will explore some of the key challenges faced by basketball Associations (Refer to Case Study - Tauranga City Basketball Association). 

Possible strategies for increasing facilities available for basketball include: 

  • Increasing access to school courts for community use. 
  • Modifying and increasing access to outdoor courts such as netball courts, tennis courts and recreation spaces. 
  • Increased flexibility about court sizes for all levels of the game. 
  • Increased flexibility about game times for all levels of the game. 
  • Adapting and redeveloping existing facilities. 
  • Developing new facilities. 

If you require an accessible version of any content on the site please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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