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BoardTalk, 19 April 2016

BoardTalk, 19 April 2016

The latest BoardTalk newsletter.


In response to the findings of the 2014 governance survey we have commissioned two new seminars that address the core issues of the board’s role and its working relationship with the chief executive.


11 May 2016, Auckland | Presented by Graeme Nahkies

The key instruments of board oversight - purpose, policy and planning
Working to outcomes and within a policy framework is still frequently misunderstood.
Although boards meet only occasionally they have constant accountability.
The course outlines how directors can maintain confidence in between meetings that management is clear about what is to be achieved and what decisions can be made without reference to the board. These understandings are increasingly important as obligations under new legislation gradually increase.
Who should attend: Directors


16 June 2016, Auckland | Presented by Jane Huria

The CE’s job description; Achieve the board’s outcomes, stick within policy
Chief Executives require clarity from their boards on what is to be achieved. Second guessing the board’s intent is frustrating and time consuming. Getting the most of you directors in the few hours you are with them is as much the CE’s responsibility as it is the boards.
This course will cover;

  • Your expectation of the board – clear outcomes, policies and delegations, performance framework
  • Working with the board – Sound meetings, good papers and decision processes
  • The soft stuff – working with the chair, involving senior staff, directors as volunteers

Who should attend: Chief Executives

For full information and to register for this workshop visit - click on Sport NZ Catalogue tab to access courses. There is no charge to attend for sector directors or chief executives but spaces are limited.


This article from RSM Hayes provides a clear and simple perspective on risk management in charitable and non-profit organisations. It notes that risk can sometimes also be an opportunity. Read more here.


It is pleasing to see that a number of sector organisations are committing to the Governance Framework. View detail about the Framework here. For further information contact,

The Governance 101 online learning tool is proving popular and can be found at


This publication from across the Tasman offers a somewhat more directive approach to governance. Read more here.

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