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Co-design ethics and best practice

Co-design ethics and best practice

Before starting any co-design process with rangatahi, it is important that your organisation has the skillsets and knowledge to ensure all engagements are carried out ethically. 

Ara Taiohi, the peak body for youth development in Aotearoa, has produced resources and guidance that can support your organisation to engage positively with rangatahi. 

Mana Taiohi – A principle-based framework, outlining the mana young people have and how we can use this to positively influence youth development and uphold that mana 

The Code of EthicsGuidance from Ara Taiohi to ensure that interaction with rangatahi is carried out in a safe, skilled and ethical manner. 

It is important to spend time reflecting, assessing, and producing a plan to identify where you need more support, resources, or training. Building a solid plan helps ensure you are committing to a true co-design process and setting yourself up to have a mana-enhancing engagement with rangatahi. 

Considerations before starting a co-design engagement:  

  • Do we have the internal skills and experience to work with young people? 
  • What level of engagement or relationship do we already have with rangatahi? 
  • Do we have the time and resources to commit to this process in the right way?  
  • Can we share key decisions (budget, timeframes, approach) with young people?  
  • How flexible are we to learn and try new ways of doing things?
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