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Understanding others

Connecting globally

Understanding others

Connecting globally

Learning Intentions

Discovering similarities and valuing uniqueness between countries and cultures helps us find the common ground where everyone can live, learn and play.

Learning intentions for this experience are:

  • Investigate a culture or country that participated in your chosen major event.
  • Identify similarities and uniqueness between Aotearoa New Zealand and a visiting country.

Kōrero | Discussion

  • Brainstorm the rohe, countries and cultures represented by ākonga and kaiako in your class or school.
  • Organise these places into groups (for example: local areas, iwi regions, Pacific …).
  • Use Google Earth to locate them.
  • Explore insights and statistics, for example the percentage of ākonga who whakapapa to mana whenua, or the percentage who were born in another country.

Ngā ngohe | Activities

People, place and resources

Explore the whakapapa | ancestry and history, and kāwanatanga | governance of a local club. Consider the following:


  • How many clubs and fields are there?
  • Where are they? 
  • What is the whakapapa of the whenua of clubs and fields? Consider geology, iwi and tauiwi. How has the whenua been used in the past? Are there plans for future use? What are the risks (for example, flooding, slips)?
  • Kaitiakitanga: who looks after the field, buildings, and surrounding land?


  • Who are the local iwi?
  • What are the names of the local football and futsal clubs or teams? What is the whakapapa of the name?
  • Who is a member, or knows a member, of a football or futsal club?
  • Identify on-field and off-field roles and responsibilities held by people in the club.

Explore a country or culture

  • Select a country who participated in your chosen major event.
  • Discover key historical events, languages, cultures (indigenous and others), population, government, significant anniversaries and events, pūrākau and other interesting facts about the country you chose.
    - Use this information to create a presentation, illustrated fact sheet, short video clip, or news story.
  • Investigate the journey of the national football team.
    - Identify team members and their whakapapa.
    - Research qualifying games (scores, highlights, venues).
    - Create a story or recording or poster which tells the story of the team.

Host with the most

  • Find out which teams were being hosted for training, accommodation, and games in or near your area during your chosen major event.
  • Choose a team to investigate and learn about:
    - The team name and whakapapa.
    - Different cultures living in the home country.
    - Food, recreation, festivals.
    - Basic greetings.
    - Tikanga | customs and traditions.
  • Identify local places of interest for the visiting team in your rohe.
  • How can you show Manaakitanga to the visiting players?

Kuputaka | Glossary

  • Tikanga: protocol.
  • Manaakitanga: hospitality.
  • Kaitiakitanga: stewardship and guardianship.
  • Unique: individual.
  • Similarities: resemblance, sameness.

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