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Celebrating our heroes

Connecting locally

Celebrating our heroes

Connecting locally

Learning Intentions

Every member of a team has a personal journey. Players prepare for on- and off-field opportunities through hard work to improve their physical and mental fitness. They achieve goals, celebrate success and learn from failure.

Learning intentions for this experience are:

  • Understand the whakapapa and personal journeys of local heroes.
  • Explore whanaungatanga and the connections between people.
  • Investigate the history of football or futsal in your rohe.

Ngā ngohe | Activities

Tāngata rongonui o te whenua | Stars across the land

Investigate a local club, field, or player:

  • Use at least five different sources of information.
  • Include at least one conversation with a member.
  • How does the club play a role in your community, iwi and school?
  • What are the on- and off-field roles and responsibilities?
  • What makes clubs different from each other?

Create a poster, display, or recording about the club, field or player.

Who’s who?

Research a player:

  • Where were they born and where have they played?
  • What is their whakapapa and journey?
  • What position do they play?
  • Consider the decisions and sacrifices they have made.
  • Share two or three interesting things about your chosen player.
  • Identify similarities between their whakapapa and your own.

Create a healthy meal plan for a week for your athlete.

Create a poster or write an essay or story about your selected player ​

Kuputaka | Glossary

  • Haepapa: responsibilities.
  • Tūranga: roles.
  • Whenua: land.
  • Tāngata rongonui: stars.
  • Whanaungatanga: connections and shared experiences.
  • Rohe: region.

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