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Facility Management Manual

Facility Management Manual

The New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA), with support from Sport New Zealand have updated the Facility Management Manual to provide information and guidance for facility operators in thirteen key areas. 

  • Chapter 1: Community Engagement

    Guidance on how to fully engage with the communities and stakeholders, including approaches for finding out who they are, what their needs are and how best to work with them 

    Download Community Engagement

  • Chapter 2: Customer Care

    Customer experience and care, and information on: 

    • how to build customer relationships 
    • understanding customer behaviour  
    • customer feedback systems. 

    Download Customer Care 

  • Chapter 3: Human Resources

    Key topics: 

    • personnel management from recruitment, 
    • induction and training through to employment agreements 
    • team building 
    • managing staff performance. 

    Download Human Resources 

  • Chapter 4: Strategy and Planning

    Discusses the need for planning and describes the difference between strategic and business planning, detailing who is responsible for planning and provides an outline of the planning process. 

    Download Strategy and Planning 

  • Chapter 5: Marketing Identifies the key

    Key principles of marketing and information on how to create a marketing plan. Also, outlines the basic tools required for promoting a facility and its programmes and events. 

    Download Marketing Identifies the key 

  • Chapter 6: Programming

    The programming cycle and an overview of the programming process from planning and identifying target groups through to programme design and implementation. 

    Download Programming 

  • Chapter 7: Financial Management

    General financial management including monitoring and reviewing performance, planning and budgets, setting prices, and reporting. 

    Download Financial Management 

  • Chapter 8: Risk Management

    Principles and guidelines of risk management practices, including best practice, assessment and treatment, documentation and responsibilities, health and safety. Also, looks at high risk issues such as serious harm, crowd management and emergencies. 

    Download Risk Management

  • Chapter 9: Monitoring

    Discusses monitoring and evaluation processes, the use of key performance indicators in monitoring and how collected data can be incorporated into the planning process. Also discussed are the purposes of evaluation and the evaluation process. 

    Download Monitoring 

  • Chapter 10: Governance

    Describes the differences between governance and management, details the major roles of the governing board including developing policies and monitoring, and addresses the issue of board and management relationships.

    Download Governance  

  • Chapter 11: Asset Management

    Describes the key elements in an asset management plan, gives an overview of compliance, monitoring and review processes. It highlights some of the more important operational aspects of asset management such as managing energy use, and risk management. 

    Download Asset Management 

  • Chapter 12: Facility Contracts

    Discusses the different types of contracts, reasons for engaging in the contract process and provides useful tips on negotiating and on-going management of contracts and leases. 

    Download Facility Contracts

  • Chapter 13: Facility Development

    An overview of the issues around designing and building new facilities, from establishing a project team, through community consultation, contracting and project management phases to completion. 

    Download Facility Development 

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