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How the SRCMS can benefit you or your organisation

Webinar Replay

How the SRCMS can benefit you or your organisation

Webinar Replay

The Sport and Recreation Complaints and Mediation Service (SRCMS) is a safe and independent way for anyone engaged in sport and active recreation to lodge a complaint, concern, issue or dispute and have it resolved in a timely manner. 

This webinar is designed to grow your understanding of this service and who can access it, as well as how it can support you or your organisation with complaints, disputes or concerns.

All sorts of different complaints, disputes and concerns can arise in connection with sport and active recreation. This webinar will help you better prepare to act when such activity arises, while also identifying where you as an individual can go to seek help and resolve issues. 

As the Head of Legal Innovation and Professional Services at Immediation, the company who runs the SRCMS, Henry Moore has assisted many parties with resolution of their sports disputes by combining an empathetic and approachable style with highly skilled and bespoke early facilitation.    

In this webinar you will learn: 

  1. What is the SRCMS and why it exists   
  2. How to access the service   
  3. How can the SRCMS benefit you as a participant or organisation  

Henry Moore has over ten years of legal experience in New Zealand, mostly in the professional sporting environment and has been responsible for fronting highly sensitive athlete disputes, negotiating collective agreements, resolving integrity related matters, launching integrity specific education, and implementing crisis management plans. Henry’s specialist skill set in sports dispute management and depth of knowledge of the New Zealand sporting environment means that he is uniquely placed to assist sporting organisations, athletes, parents, coaches and volunteers at all levels of competition.  

Key takeaways:

  • SRCMS is there to help all levels and roles  
  • Independent from all of sport  
  • Everything that is discussed is strictly confidential  
  • Every matter is handled with great care and understanding
  • No obligation to proceed
  • This service does not replace an organisations' own complaints process. It compliments it
  • The SRCMS can be utilised by both sport and active recreation organisations

For more information: 

SRCMS website –  
SRCMS service guidelines PDF   
SRCMS quick guide PDF  
SportNZ Complaints policy template  

If you require an accessible version of any content on the site please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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