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Leadership framework project timeline

Leadership framework project timeline

The future success of sport and recreation in New Zealand depends on great leadership and better collaboration.

That’s why the Sport and Recreation sector is currently collaborating to develop a world-class Leadership Framework for implementation in 2017. Key project milestones are outlined below.

Project Timeline:

  • Project Leader appointed – September 2015
  • Project provider (Winsborough) appointed – December 2015
  • Governance Board of sector representatives appointed – February 2016
  • Review of all sport and recreation sector literature (HR documents, leadership development programmes, strategic plans and annual plans) – February to September 2016
  • Interview more than 30 senior leaders (Chairs, CEOs and others) – February to August 2016
  • Conduct 12 focus groups representing all parts of the sector and in all regions – April 2016
  • Sector conference mini-survey – April 2016
  • Design Team (of sector representatives) to develop the design of the framework (in parallel with consultation effort) – June to November 2016
  • Conduct 15 focus groups – August to September 2016
  • Winsborough reports its findings to Governance Board – October 2016
  • Winsborough presents first draft framework to Governance Board – November 2016
  • “Sense-checking” with potential user groups commences – November 2016
  • Second draft framework and high-level implementation plan presented to Governance Board – December 2016
  • Framework editing and design – January/February 2017
  • User Group testing – February-April 2017
  • Māori Reference Group review of framework and incorporation of “partnership” considerations – February-May 2017
  • Framework finalised – May 2017
  • Framework design and development for publication on Sport Tutor – May-June 2017
  • “Go live” tools and resources developed – May-June 2017
  • Framework and “go live” tools etc available on Sport Tutor July-August 2017

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