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Mātauranga: Provide authentic and transparent information

Mātauranga: Provide authentic and transparent information

When rangatahi are actively involved in the development of a space, place, or programme, they become invested. To enable this, provide relevant knowledge to them so they can make informed decisions, or understand why decisions have been made. 

What this can look like in practice: 

  • Be realistic about what rangatahi can influence: Communicate what decisions have already been made, and what has the potential for change. Outline which decisions you are seeking to make in collaboration with them. 
  • Be specific and visual: Avoid ‘blue-sky thinking’ unless you could follow through on very creative ideas. Use pictures, videos, or a walkthrough of a physical space to show young people the constraints and opportunities for them to shape a space. 
  • Communicate updates about the space: Keep young people updated on progress through their preferred channels. Share with them the reasons why any ideas are not being implemented so they learn through the process. 
"We have an Instagram called 'Skate Build' - kids engage lots through there on what is going on and the design and features etc. Rangatahi continually ask questions on posts, and we can adapt the design as we go depending on what we are seeing and hearing. It is also about feeding back to the kids on why some things work and some things do not - to keep them involved in the conversation show value to their thoughts.”  


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Explore more Mana Taiohi principles

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