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Member protection

Member protection

Member protection is important for any club or organisation. It allows members to take part in activities, free from harassment, discrimination, abuse and other harmful behaviours.

For organisation committees, it’s also an effective risk management tool that protects against the loss and harm of participants and members.

Clubs and organisations should have policies to protect members, to inform participants and the community how it prevents forms of harassment, discrimination and abuse and to promote positive behaviour and values.

It’s important that participants are made aware of their club’s member protection policies and that it’s effectively implemented by:

  • ensuring committee members and volunteers commit to it
  • making it a part of inductions, meetings and training
  • promoting the policy and the detail within (eg, Codes of Conduct) regularly to members, via your newsletters, website and other communication
  • making it widely available
  • appointing a Member Protection Information Officer.

What your organisation can do

Member Protection Information Officer

Depending on the size of your club, appointing a Member Protection Information Officer can help your club deal with complaints in an appropriate and consistent manner. A Member Protection Information Officer listens to complaints and provides information about the person’s rights, responsibilities and options. They don’t investigate complaints. It’s a good idea to choose someone who is approachable, accessible and can maintain confidentiality.


Member Protection policies and procedures

More member protection guidance

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