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NSO Sample Incorporated Society Constitution

This is a sample constitution (sometimes called Rules) suitable for a national sport organisation that is an incorporated society. As discussed in the Governance section of the Nine Steps to Effective Governance a national sport organisation can be structured in a number of ways including as a traditional, federal, or unitary structure. This sample constitution has been drafted to address all three structures (i.e. members include regional bodies, clubs, and individuals) so it will need to be amended to fit the structure of your organisation. The rules for a regional body, sports organisation or a local club might follow a similar structure but will differ in respect of membership and other areas to suit the requirements of those organisations.

The Sample Incorporated Society Constitution was most recently updated in 2018 to reflect changes in governance in the following areas:

  • The role of the board in promoting diversity and inclusion broadly
  • The importance of diversity and inclusion on board appointments panels
  • A recommended seven year cap on board appointment panel membership (to promote fresh perspectives)

It will be updated again once the new Incorporated Societies Regulations have been finalised at this stage sometime in 2023.

All incorporated societies will need to re-register with the Registrar by 1 December 2025 with a constitution that is compliant.

This sample document is provided as a good practice starting point. Before its application in any specific setting you should seek specialist legal advice to ensure it is appropriate to your needs.


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