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Overview of education modules and learning outcomes

Child Safeguarding Module

The online training is based on an existing proven module that Safeguarding Children (registered Charity) and adapted to be more specific to play, active recreation and sport. It is aimed at all levels of the play, active recreation and sport sector. It is designed to give learners the tools to identify the signs of potential abuse and neglect and know what to do about it. This is an essential responsibility of every volunteer or paid member of staff coming into contact with tamariki and rangatahi in the sector. 

The specific learning outcomes include: 

  • Understanding why protecting tamariki and rangatahi from abuse and neglect is important
  • Understanding how it relates to your role in play, active recreation and sport
  • Being able to recognise signs of potential abuse and neglect
  • Knowing how to respond, for example, be able to handle a ‘disclosure’ (where tamariki or rangatahi give you signs they are at risk)
  • Learning how to report your concerns, and to whom, and how to document them
  • Being confident to follow the ‘Four Rs’ approach: recognise, respond, report and record.

Protecting against competition manipulation 

You may have heard of match-fixing, tanking, or having insider information. These are some ways someone can gain influence over the outcome of a game or competition, usually for financial or personal gain. We call this competition manipulation. 

This e-learning module will help you identify how competition manipulation can occur and the threats it brings to individuals and their competition or sport. Whatever your level of involvement is in active recreation and sport, there’s a chance you or someone you know could be impacted by dishonest or corrupt people. We all need to play a role in ensuring our competitions are fair and just. This module will give you a good start to an understanding about competition manipulation and its implications.

 What you will learn

  • What competition manipulation is 
  • Who competition manipulation can impact 
  • The consequences of competition manipulation 
  • How to identify competition manipulation situations when they happen
  • How to identify the types of behaviours that can put you at risk of being a target of competition manipulation.


This online learning has been developed by Sport NZ to clarify the importance of inclusive, supportive and safe environments in play, active recreation and sport. The online training is aimed at supporting people who may be impacted by discrimination in the sector.

The specific learning outcomes include: 

  • Understanding what discrimination is and who it can impact 
  • Identifying how discrimination shows up 
  • Understanding how discrimination could relate to your role
  • Demonstrating an appropriate response to instances of discrimination
  • Understanding what an inclusive, supportive and safe environment is and why this is important for people in play, active recreation and sport
  • Understanding how your actions impact being inclusive, supportive and safe to others

If you require an accessible version of any content on the site please contact us at and we will be happy to assist.

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