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Physical fitness

20 May 2014

There is a strong correlation between your appearance and physical fitness and whether you’re accepted as an official.

If you want to have an excellent chance to make the right call you need to be in the right place. Knowing the rules, and knowing where to be and how to get there, are equally important.

There is no substitute for good health and a feel for the game. Being out of position is the first step in missing the call. Recognising when you are out of position, and what to do in those situations, is a key to avoiding the missed call or inadvertent whistle when you didn’t see the foul. And you are more likely to be in the right place at the right time if you are physically able to get yourself there as the play is happening. If players train to remain active for an 80 minute game, then you need to respect that effort by putting in the time yourself.

Exercise is also one of the best techniques to attain mental toughness. In addition to boosting self-esteem, endurance and energy, being physically fitter means being mentally tougher. When you exercise, you are training your body to take stress and recover from it. When you’re in shape, you process the stress hormones of adrenaline much better and recover faster.

On this site you will find resources that will support you in getting and staying fit, preventing injury, improving your diet, and generally being healthy so you can officiate to the best of your ability.


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