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Progress reports

Progress reports

As a key principle of the futures process, we are committed to sharing all our learnings as we go. These progress reports are designed to advance conversations about what the future of play, active recreation and sport in New Zealand might look like, and how we can help shape that future. They are based on workshops held and environmental scans that have been conducted.

Sport NZ Ihi Aotearoa is committed to a bicultural future and has co-designed a process that honours its commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Two working streams were formed to provide a Māori specific view and a general view. These perspectives have been facilitated by the Futures Working Group (Working Group) and Te Tuarā Futures  (Te Tuarā).

There are two progress reports from Te Tuarā. The first Te Tuarā report describes the conversation and questions that emerged from the first set of workshops that reflected on the challenges of current approaches and aspirations for the future of physical activity and wellbeing from Māori perspective. The second Te Tuarā report examines in more detail what the future might look and feel like for Māori, and how that future might be realised.

There are also two progress reports from the Working Group. The first Working Group report focuses on identifying the drivers of change and their implications for play, active recreation and sport. It highlights current concerns, but also some signs of change. It illustrates how we can challenge some of the assumptions we may make about the future and identify what we value in a preferred future. The second Working Group report focuses on further understanding the causes, barriers and implications of change, and provides a preferred future for physical activity in New Zealand.

In February 2021 we published a final series of three reports aimed at assisting the sector to remain fit for purpose and regenerative to deliver quality play, active recreation and sporting opportunities to all those living in New Zealand now and into the future. 

The three reports are:

A brief Summary Report

A Scenarios Report, focused on alternative scenarios and a preferred future. This also outlines the actions that the sector can take to move from our current state to a preferred future state

The Papa Noho Report, which outlines a path to a truly bicultural future.

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