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Protecting the integrity of sport

Protecting the integrity of sport

20 May 2016

Sport is part of who we are as New Zealanders. And we’re pretty good at it. Our participation rates are among the highest in the world and we produce more than our fair share of winners on the world stage.

We also have a reputation for sportsmanship - we play hard, but fair. We strive to uphold the values of sport, whether we're Olympic champions or weekend warriors.

This love of sport provides many benefits for individuals, communities and the nation. And because of that, sport is valued.

However there are many things that can undermine the integrity of sport, from match fixing and corruption, to the behaviour of sideline supporters. Upholding the integrity of our sport system is vital to ensuring sport continues to be valued, and provide value to New Zealanders.

Sport Integrity Framework

Sport NZ's Sport Integrity Framework will support the sector in taking a consistent approach to a wide range of issues that can compromise the integrity of sport.

The Framework provides a summary of the issues, and offers advice and resources provided by a range of organisations both in, and outside of, the sector. The Framework will be updated when new advice, resources and tools become available.

If you have material you would like considered for inclusion please email

The Framework comprises seven focus areas, in two sections:

Ensuring fair and honest competition and performance - focus areas:
  • Corruption
  • Match-fixing
  • Anti-Doping
Ensuring positive conduct by all who participate in, and support sport - focus areas:
  • Player Welfare
  • Member protection
  • Child protection
  • Supporting diversity

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