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Raising Children

Raising Children

07 August 2015

A series of videos produced by Raising Children that will assist you to get your pre-schoolers active and moving.

Raising Children has an online library of over 100 free-to-view parenting videos, including 10 that are focused on the importance of movement and being active:

1. The importance of being active - regular physical activity is essential for brain development. The more a child moves, the more they stimulate their brain. Children are born wanting to move, to explore their world and to make sense of it and, it's up to us to make sure they have plenty of opportunity to be active.

2. Locomotion and crossing midlines - locomotion: moving your body from one place to another. This is one of the three fundamental themes that underpins all physical movement. Once children have mastered crawling and walking, they will naturally start to run, skip and hop. Find out how you can help your child master locomotion.

3. Stability and manipulative skills - locomotion, stability and manipulative skills make up the three fundamental themes that underpin all physical movement. Find out how you can help your child master these fundamental skills.

4. Moving to music - Turn up the music and get moving!

5. Getting Ready for School - Learn about the link between physical activity and learning.

6. Fundamental movement skills - why do children need to master these skills before they're 7 or 8?

7. Learning to ride a bike - as a ticket to fun and freedom you can't go past two wheels!

8. Being water safe - tips on keeping children safe in and around water.

9. Team sports - using a bat.

10. Team sports - ball sports.

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