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Plan and deliver your own world cup festival

Running a world cup

Plan and deliver your own world cup festival

Running a world cup

Learning Intentions

Hosting a tournament takes a lot of planning, organising and flexibility. There is a lot to do before, during and after match day, including keeping everyone safe.

Learning intentions for this experience are:

  • Identify actions required to organise a successful tournament before, during and after match day.
  • Define actions and tasks from pōwhiri to clean-up.
  • Identify safety needs and risk planning.

Kōrero | Discussion

  • What tasks need to be completed before, during and after a tournament?
  • What are some risks which need to be controlled (reduced, eliminated or isolated)?
  • How do I prepare for the tournament?

Ngā ngohe | Activities


Watch Māori welcome greets FIFA Women’s World Cup and identify features of the powhiri.


  • Who would be involved in a local pōwhiri to welcome visiting players?
  • What will happen?
  • What needs to be organised and agreed before it happens?
  • Who is involved in planning?
  • Who is involved on the day?
  • How can pōwhiri processes be integrated into your world cup?

Write, draw, or make a presentation about what will happen on the day? For example, check the weather, confirm the team and helpers are present and fit for the game or job. Include everything that needs to be done until the last person has gone home. This can be a list, flow chart or tasks.

Before, during, and after.

  • Create a checklist of actions to be completed before, during and after you World Cup Festival.
  • Create a full-page task summary.

Templae example thumbnail

  • Analyse examples.
  • Identify 3-4 additional things for each cell of the task summary.
  • Consider the impact on local people, environment and economy.
  • Identify risks. Reduce, eliminate or isolate them, example: bad weather - reduce impact by having a postponement day.
  • Discuss and share ideas.
  • You can download a word.doc version of the Before-During-After template here.

Risk, impact and probability

  • What is a risk?
  • What does probability mean?
  • What does impact mean?
  • Investigate the risk policy and process of your school or kura.
  • Think and discuss the risks in the table below. Identify the impacts and probabilities as high, medium or low.
  • Discuss the examples and complete the table.

Risk Assessment template thumbnails 

Invite and shine

Design an invitation for your whānau to attend the Football Festival, including:

  • Time (start and finish), day, and place.
  • Postponement day (if it rains).
  • What is the event?
  • Accept or decline date – allow enough time to organise chairs, food, and access
  • Consider manaakitanga requirements.

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