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Sport Compass

Sport Compass

07 July 2016

What is Sport Compass?

Sport Compass replaces Sport NZ's Organisation Development Tool (ODT) and Club Warrant of Fitness (Club WoF). It's a free online tool to assist administrators. Get started now.

Where Sport NZ's previous tools had a big focus on assessment, Sport Compass is different. The results in Sport Compass are less important than the process of agreeing priorities and making regular improvements. With Sport Compass you are not scored or benchmarked, and there are no prizes for achieving at a high level.

Why do it?

The responsibility for running a sport and recreation organisation can be overwhelming. Especially when you don't know what you don't know. Financial, premises and people-related pressures are very common. Sport Compass is a working tool to help people agree when and how to deal with common pressures. It may also be used to help you move from a good situation to an even better situation.

How does Sport Compass work?

Sport Compass has one core module for small to mid-sized organisations. More detailed modules will be added over time but the core module is a good place to start for most organisations.

More than 200 people from all over the country contributed over 1200 hours to the core module. We discovered together that we can't assume what an organisation must do to be successful. So instead of putting the focus on what you are doing, Sport Compass puts the focus on the things that many administrators struggle with; situations that might put your organisation at risk, that suck the fun out of the job, or that prevent you from achieving what you hope to achieve. Once you decide where to put your focus, Sport Compass provides ideas to help you move forward.

Each module in Sport Compass involves three levels. The levels are not a target. They exist to speed up the process and to help you decide what is really important. Taking the time to work on a situation that could put your organisation at risk is far more important than getting as far as level three.

Can I just try?

Yes! It's free to use. Get started now. Once you have registered we recommend checking out the short guide video on the home page. Your assessment can be reset at any time so go ahead and explore.


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