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A new partnership with Te Whare Tū Taua o Aotearoa

Te Ihi Fund
07 July 2022
Māori on a path with traditional weaponry

In July 2022, Sport NZ Ihi Aotearoa and Te Whare Tū Taua o Aotearoa announced a new partnership which saw the international school of Māori weaponry receive funding under the Te Ihi Fund to deliver its training curriculum nationally over the next three years. 

The Te Ihi Fund is one of four initiatives under Sport NZ’s Kaupapa Māori Response Plan which was set up in response to COVID-19 and its resulting impacts on Māori. 

The purpose of the Te Ihi Fund is to increase Māori participation by partnering with Māori organisations who are implementing culturally distinctive pathways and channels.  Te Whare Tū Taua o Aotearoa is the first Māori organisation to receive investment through the fund. 

Sport NZ Ihi Aotearoa is incredibly honoured to be partnering with Te Whare Tū Taua o Aotearoa and understand the significance and historical moment for us as a Crown agency and Māori to be aligning and supporting each other’s aspirations for advancing Māori wellbeing.   

Te Whare Tū Taua o Aotearoa was founded by Dr Pita Sharples in 1983 due to the renaissance of Te Reo Māori and tikanga and offers the ancient art of mau rākau back to Māoridom as an innovative programme in physical fitness, Māori history, Māori atua, whakapapa, confidence, leadership skills, self-discipline, respect and all uses of the taiaha. 

Te Whare Tū Taua o Aotearoa is a learning school where the art of mau rākau and taiaha has been preserved and taught for over 1000 years, a taonga that has been passed down from tupuna Māori (Māori ancestors) for future generations to do the same. 

At present there are approximately 2000 members throughout Aotearoa from all tribes and throughout the world, men and women. All members are welcome to join the many branches throughout Aotearoa and also London, Australia, Hawai’i and now Abu Dabi. 

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