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Change projects

National Partner Strengthen and Adapt Programme

The National Partner Strengthen and Adapt Programme was set up to improve the capacity, capability and resilience of selected national partners and their delivery networks, so that they are best positioned to meet the needs of participants and athletes into the future. Learn more about the confirmed change projects below.

Wave one projects
  • Basketball NZ

    Growing the Game - Regional Delivery Model

    Within the targeted South Auckland area, create a contemporary club network, increase accessibility to outdoor hoops, and grow the game for women and girls

    Structure of the basketball system

    Potential constitution reform and network alignment, including independent providers

    People with disabilities

    Evolving the basketball system for people with disabilities, co-designing and implementing regional pilots to share and improve understanding, leading to better basketball opportunities and experiences for disabled people

    Learn more

  • GirlGuiding NZ

    Changing the Future - Enterprise Process Reengineering

    Phase 1 – Define target experience lifecycle, informing the operating model, technology and processes required to deliver this lifecycle and experiences.

    Phase 2 – Implementation.

  • Netball NZ

    Digital Ignition

    Implementation of an all-purpose digital Netball platform with the intention of a world class customer experience, providing members with enhanced access to online opportunities.

    Netball Reimagined

    Co-designing and testing locally led but nationally supported netball delivery models with more resource closer to the participant. Alignment of High Performance and Performance environments.

  • NZ Cricket

    National Development Plan

    Whole of cricket plan development and implementation.

    National Workforce Development Framework

    Content development and roll out for cricket workforce.

    Female leadership development framework

    A tiered leadership and development programme for female leaders.

    Coach Trainer Initiative

    Appointment of South Island coach development manager.

    Bat First

    Provide cricket bats to Auckland-based tamariki in low decile schools.

  • NZ Football

    Think National, Act Local

    Uniting the NZF integrated conference competition model with a unified brand and single operating model, providing efficiency to the end user.

    Diversity and Inclusion

    Development of a suite of Diversity and Inclusion bi-cultural programmes to upskill the capability of the Football and Futsal networks.

    National Leagues System

    Focus on Women's National League Reform and restructure the National Leagues to integrate them with regional competition, increase accessibility, reduce cost and advance women’s football development.

    Football in New Zealand Eco-system

    Implementation of recommendations from a membership review and rollout of new online digital platform which will be the front of NZF’s e-learning resources.

  • NZ Rugby League

    Capability Ngā Ringa Āwhina

    A community-led initiative from New Zealand Rugby League where trained (and externally supported) specialists are deployed into regions to upskill and develop existing personnel, make improvements at club level, and leave resource in place for long term support. The main workstreams are; Governance and administration; Cultural awareness and learning; Game development; Community and wellbeing.

    Learn more about Ngā Ringa Āwhina

  • NZ Rugby

    Transform Girls and Women Engagement in Rugby

    Nationwide network of 12-16 Girls Activators delivering experiences for girls.

    Inclusive Environments - Future of Rugby Clubs

    Future vision for club network and how to transform. 

    Māori Rugby Development

    Māori Governance Programme and Māori Resilience Programme.

  • Paralympics NZ

    Strengthening the Parasport system

    A plan to address how the Para sport system works and how improved national and regional collaboration can lead to improved operating approaches and delivery of shared projects that strengthen, align and enhance community Para sport outcomes across New Zealand. 

    PNZ believes collaboration with members and partner organisations to design, deliver and enable Para sport experiences across all levels of the pathway is integral.  The Strengthen and Adapt Plan is about how the system can work together and deliver more successfully on the PNZ Strategic Plan and Sport NZ outcomes, to get more disabled people involved in Para sport and supported along the pathway.   

    The Plan is anchored to three projects:

    • Collectively Stronger Together
    • Building the Para Sport Family
    • Seeing this Believing
  • Touch NZ

    Business Model Value Proposition

    Review of service offerings and overall Touch NZ value proposition, and standardising, influencing and enabling local Touch module set up.

    Collaborative Regional Sport Development

    Regional Development Managers placed into two of the new regions, looking to increase the quality of the Touch playing experiences locally and introduce new Touch modules.

    National Shared Financial Services

    Model Centralisation of financial operations within Touch NZ to remove the administrative burden from Touch associations

    Regionalised Governance

    Establishment of a nationwide regional governance layer between Touch NZ and the current Touch associations.

  • Volleyball NZ

    Mobile Workforce

    Implementing new, innovative regional delivery model in targeted regions. The Mobile Workforce concept is a partnership approach which targets the identification, harnessing, and amplifying of existing ‘volleyball assets’.

    The Mobile Workforce identify pockets of opportunities to amplify informal (outside of Association/school/club structures) volleyball participation. This is an approach designed to ensure local needs and ideas are developed and delivered to provide a quality volleyball experience. The Mobile Workforce team would be key to identifying, in collaboration with the local community leads, parties in the local community who would form a mutually beneficial partnership with volleyball as a vehicle to a range outcomes.

  • YMCA

    Amplify the Y

    ‘Amplify the Y’ is a programme of work that will seek to unlock the YMCA's potential as a national movement, and increase the ability of the YMCA to act as a more cohesive and effective network and increase the reach and impact within communities.

Wave two projects
  • Athletics NZ

    Engagement, Innovation and System Strengthening

    A programme of co-designed pilots at grassroots level to encourage innovation and new ways of doing things.

  • Canoe Racing NZ

    Empowering and Expanding the Network

    Diversify participation paddling offerings while empowering and expanding the network of capable organisations to deliver programmes and events.

    Digital Engagement, Communication and Connection

    Inspire, educate, support and connect the wider paddling community through digital engagement.


  • Golf NZ

    The Partnership Project

    Golf NZ is partnering with the 14 District Associations, NZ Māori Golf, and NZ PGA; to join forces, pool resources and bring the golf workforce together to create one optimised team working under one aligned strategy.

  • Hockey NZ

    Unleashing Our Game – Connected Game Delivery Network  

    Creating a more connected game delivery network resulting in positive operational efficiency gains across Hockey NZ’s people, resources, and processes.  

  • Recreation Aotearoa

    Ki Uta Tārei Ai, Ki Tai Rewa Ai

    Building from Recreation Aotearoa’s Te Whai Oranga’s bicultural strategy which has clear bicultural strategic outcomes, Recreation Aotearoa will explore, design, and create new transformative approaches for their organisation.

    Key elements will include: Establishing a key manager of Kaupapa Māori, enacting a co-governance model to address systemic inequities, and a commitment to building a cultural capability framework.

  • Rowing NZ

    Digital Transformation - Digital/Technology Platform

    Scope, build and improve Rowing’s digital environment to enable them to connect, engage and communicate better with the rowing community across Aotearoa and globally. The project will establish the foundation for meaningful transformation to a fit for purpose digital platform and environment.


  • Swimming NZ

    Swimming Connect – Connecting Providers

    Forming a National Aquatics Collective (NAC) to focus on cross-discipline connection, collaboration and efficiency, at an operational level. The NAC will add value by enabling more of the limited resources available to be used to enhance participant experience and grow participation.

    Swimming Connect – Connecting People

    Using technology to connect to, and engage with, more of the 1 million New Zealanders who swim; through the development and use of participant engagement platforms, this will provide tools and resources that will make it easier for people to access and participate in aquatic sport whether for health and well-being, recreation, learning to swim or competition.

  • Tennis NZ

    Tikanga Rua – Tēnehi ki Aotearoa

    Accelerate Tennis’ current bi-cultural journey by strengthening its relationship with AMTA and creating new relationships with Māori around New Zealand. This will enable greater reach, impact, and benefits for all stakeholders, particularly Māori.

    Project Support, Project Connect, Project Measure Impact

    • 75% of tennis clubs in NZ working to embrace key national products, programmes and initiatives that help the club to provide quality and accessible experiences, adapt to the needs of their community, and strengthen and sustain themselves in a changing future of sport
    • Work towards building a clear and recognisable brand that New Zealanders’ associate with quality and accessible experiences being consistently delivered at (almost) every touchpoint
  • Waka Ama NZ

    Aukaha Project 

    Improving the capability of the regions to in turn support the diverse club network who are directly driving the growth in Waka Ama participation. 

  • Yachting NZ

    Embedding the RŪNĀ school engagement framework in our sailing community

    • Development of Yachting delivery networks, structures, and systems to support embedding and extending the RŪNĀ framework throughout Aotearoa;
    • making sailing more welcoming and accessible to people from a wide variety of backgrounds;
    • encourage local schools, community groups and clubs to work together, protecting and preserving New Zealand’s marine environment through local, unique, intergenerational initiatives where young people will work and learn from nature
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