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Taking images of children

Taking images of children

Many people take photos or videos at sporting events and activities as a personal record of their child, often to share with family, friends and whanau.

For example, action shots during a game or activity, a team photo, or a prizegiving often use a professional photographer for team photos, some of which could be used as part of its promotional material.

It’s hard to monitor photos being taken at an event or activity, and even harder to monitor how they are shared. Your child’s image could be shared via a social media post, on an organisation's website, or in a publication.

Everyone needs to ensure they respect their child and others involved in the sport or activity, members and competitors, and keep images safe. The guidance below has some good principles to follow.

Have a clear policy on image taking and sharing

Your club or organisation should have a clear policy on image taking and sharing and ensure that everyone understands it and follows it. Any queries or concerns should be followed up promptly.

Media Policy (including at events)

Consent Form - Use of imagery

Recruitment of Child Safeguarding Representative

Guidance when taking images of children and young people

  • Photography in changing rooms, toilets and showers is not allowed under any circumstances.
  • Parents, caregivers, whanau and the children and young people must not take images of themselves or other children and young people in a changing room, toilet or shower.
  • Children and young people must be dressed in clothing related to the sport or activity and in clothing that does not expose them unnecessarily.
  • Images should focus on the activity or sport, rather than individual children and young people where possible.

Organisation's policy on taking and sharing images

Organisations should ensure that it informs its members, staff, volunteers, participants, parents/carers, professional photographers and videographers, and the public about its media policy. They can share their policy in:

  • club/organisation registration information
  • website, or leaflet information
  • pre-event registration, consent or information forms
  • induction or training for staff and volunteers
  • event programmes
  • posters and signage around the venue
  • public-address announcements during events.

Photo and video taking at events

  • At an event, a club/organisation could decide to have designated photographer at some events.
  • Professional photographers and videographers should comply with individual club and association regulations and adhere to their professional codes of conduct, including NZ Police vetting requirements.

Displaying images

Clubs/organisations need to be clear about the use of images, and should:

  • Include in its Media Policy and Privacy Policy where images will be displayed and what other personal information will be used with the images. If a participant doesn’t agree to this, then their images should not be used.
  • Ensure it uses appropriate images of the participants, relevant to the sport or activity, with all participants being suitably clothed.
  • Make clear that no compromising images, such as those of participants not fully clothed or in unusual body positions, will be retained or shared.
  • Explain the copyright or ownership of footage and photographic images. Usually, a club or association that engages a professional photographer/videographer will retain the copyright or ownership of the images. That means if anyone else would like to use the image, they need to seek the permission of the club or association first.



Media Policy (including at events)

Consent Form - Use of imagery

Privacy Policy

Information related to netsafety:

Online do's and dont's (PDF)

Staying safe online guide

Are you a sharenter? Tips to help parents share details about their children safely online 

More child protection guidance


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