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The New Zealand Sporting Facilities Framework

What is it? 

A six-step plan for people making decisions about sporting facilities. 

Who is it for? 

The tool has been developed by Sport New Zealand for use by anybody making decisions about sporting facilities. 

Better decision making  

The tool has been developed by Sport New Zealand for use by anybody making decisions about sporting facilities. Our role (see page 12 for more information) is as a leader, investor and enabler: helping in whatever way we can to improve decision making about sporting facilities. 

The Six Stages in the Lifecycle of a Facility 

We’ve talked to local authorities, funding agencies, government departments, regional and national sports bodies, and overseas counterparts, and created this six-step Sporting Facilities Framework 

Concept: Identifying the need for a facility and developing the strategic case for developing it, including assessing the specific need in the wider context of the desired facility network.  

Plan: Ensuring the facility will be fit-for-purpose, sustainable, and future-proof. Assessing and determining feasibility.  

Design: Developing the functional and spatial requirements of the facility. Details are confirmed and estimates finalised 

Build: The construction of the facility.  

Operate: The management and maintenance of the facility to ensure it delivers a quality experience, including developing the most effective and efficient operating model and the programming of the facility.  

Improve: Evaluating the success of the facility, how it has delivered on the identified outcomes, and what improvements can be made. The greatest impact on the strategic outcomes is made in the Concept, Plan and Improve stages of the facility lifecycle. 

Find out how to use the Framework and apply the principles to your work plans and processes:

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