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Andy Boyens on youth sport

Video transcript

Andy Boyens on youth sport

Video transcript

First off my memories include my brothers and my neighbours and a few other kids in the neighborhood playing mostly in the backyard, kind of anything, anything we could get a hold of, whether it was, uh mostly football, but uh yeah didn't matter if it was cricket, rugby, we got it amongst it.

I actually I played different sports kind of all the way through right to the end of high school and I pretend to play a couple of sports still now. I just genuinely enjoyed playing. I loved connecting with other people and and i also loved challenging the brothers in the backyard. So my love for sport wasn't necessarily born from a higher purpose, or a role model, or anything like that, apart from maybe my family - my mum and dad, and getting out and playing. And once i played and realised I could do it okay it became more enjoyable.

That's the beauty of sport right, you you make these long-term friendships with a different group of people maybe than you wouldn't have had if you didn't play the sport. So i'm lucky enough to kind of have friends that are dotted all around the world with my sport, and granted that came later but a lot of my childhood friends are through through football as well.

Kids are different right, so they develop at different rates, they grow at different rates, they mature at different rates, and you know if we're too focused on everyone getting to the top then sometimes we can miss the purpose of them playing in the first place ,which is you know to enjoy themselves, to have fun, to do something that they love. Yeah of course they want to get better but ultimately it's about creating an environment that they can get better - it's actually about focusing on developing and getting better step-by-step over a longer term process.

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