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Championing play

Video transcript

[Mark Curr speaking]

Play is important to us! We’re the play champions for Hutt City Council. I'm a parent - I want my kids to live in a great city, to play and be active. So we started to do some work, we started to collect some data, we started to try and understand what was going on in terms of play in our city. 

We're proud of that work and it's really informed a lot of future interventions that we're putting out there, that we believe are working, and that we believe are supporting other whanau to be playful and to be active. 

The project partners for Play in the Hutt are Hutt City Council, Healthy Families Lower Hutt and Sport New Zealand. That tripartite is key to our success but also we have a Range of community partners.

We're doing well at finding people that get this work and really running with them and mobilizing their tribe.

We've tried to be fearless in terms of the projects that we put into the world and really kind of blur the lines between sport, recreation, health well-being and just deliver things that I guess meet a local need.

We believe that play can be really unifying for a community and so anybody watching this I would empower you to get out and knock on your neighbor's door and introduce your kids to their kids and and try to create a movement in your place.

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