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Tips for schools

Video transcript

[Play Advocate: Scott MacKenzie speaking]

Hey I'm Scott from Sport New Zealand. I work with in the area of play. Over the last couple of months we've had a whole lot of play champions and people who are passionate about play coming together to talk, test and challenge ourselves to ensure that we preserve and enhance play in New Zealand to the benefit of all young New Zealanders going into the future. We've got a few more tips for you guys so if you hang in there and stay tuned we'll have them to you in a minute.

[Play Sport Activator: Apanui Heemi speaking]

Tip for a school is just put out some equipment, could be sports balls, could be hockey sticks, and just let the kids explore and find their own purpose. You know sometimes sports equipment doesn't have to have a purpose and (people can just and) the kids can just create things that they want to create.

[Community recreation advisor: Daphne Pilaar speaking]

A tip for teachers about bringing children into natural environment to play is to really realize that there is endless learning opportunity through seasonal change and environment, so when it's summer that the ground is hard and when it's winter that the ground is muddy, and their language opportunities, the experience opportunities for learning are huge.

[Young People’s Manager: Kane Wilson speaking]

For teachers it looks like teachers been involved in the physical activity with the students - modelling that behaviour and that physical experience with the students with their pupils - at the end of the day we're trying to gain a quality experience for our young people.

[Play Advocate: Scott MacKenzie speaking]

At schools it's really important to understand the value of play - the connection to the rest of the learning environment. Play is a learning process, in actual fact the creativity, the innovation, and all the other holistic developmental elements add a lot more richer and deeper education experience within the classroom.

[Community Sports Advisor: Jess McJorrow speaking]

So if you are a teacher I encourage you to get out of the classroom, explore outside of those four walls, go and spend time in the playground. If it means that you do your math class outside and the playground then so be it. Count how many swings that you can get going at the same time, just tie in play and those opportunities into your day to day routine with your class.

[Young Peoples Consultant: Karen Laurie speaking]

So play is just absolutely crucial and we just need make sure that we as adults enjoy and allow the opportunity to enable kids to take ownership of that play themselves.

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