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Tō mātou tuakiri


Ihi is an intangible emotion that resides within a singular being.

Ihi is said to be the connection between te taha tīnana (physical being) and te taha wairua (spiritual realm), the tangible and the intangible, the potential and the realisation of potential.

Everyone has potential and everybody has Ihi, however Ihi does not exist in isolation as Ihi begets Wehi, that begets Wana.

  • TE IHI - Positive energy within that is ignited by what is seen, heard, felt
  • TE WEHI - The emotional reaction that acknowledges IHI
  • TE WANA - The collection of energy that unites & connects people to the environment and people to kaupapa.
Sport NZ Logo
Ihi Aotearoa

Sport New Zealand was given its Maori name, Ihi Aotearoa by its Maori Advisory Group over 15 years ago.

Our understanding of Ihi is a journey, not a destination. Sport New Zealand is on a cultural journey of understanding its responsibilities and commitments to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Maori, reigniting the potential and beginning the realisation of the name IHI Aotearoa. So we created a visual manifestation, a Tohu (Te Ihi), that encapsulates the essence of this.

Greenstone nestled amongst river stones
Te Ihi

Our tohu, embraces and weaves together the various bodies of Ihi Aotearoa. These bodies speak to our past, our present, and our future.

Sport NZ mauri pounamu is the foundation and inspiration of Te Ihi.

  • Kia pono ki te kaupapa - Be authentic to the purpose
  • Kia tika te mahi - Act with Integrity
  • Me aroha ki te tangata - Respect for others

Te ihi was designed by KE Design and acknowledges Sport New Zealand’s kaitiakitanga as a Crown agency that enables physical activity, supports quality experiences and values culturally distinctive pathways in play, active recreation and sport.

The design embraces and weaves the various strands of the Sport New Zealand Ihi Aotearoa brand together, with our mauri pounamu embedded as the foundation of this design.

Te ihi is a symbolic representation of our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the principles of Partnership, Protection and Participation.

Te ihi honours and acknowledges the significance of our bicultural heritage.

sport nz tohu
Our Kōru

There are three kōru within Te Ihi. Each of these represent:

  • Kia Pono, Ihi, Te Ao, Past, Partnership, Play
  • Kia Tika, Wehi, Te Whenua, Present, Protection, Active Recreation
  • Me Aroha, Wana, Te Wai, Future, Participation, Sport

The small curves at the joining of each koru are references to the water that flows over the mauri pounamu, a tangible reminder of our commitment to our Treaty partner and our bicultural journey, providing us with guidance, courage and wisdom.

boy on a bike in a park
Te haeata o te rā

Our brand colour palette reflects the dawning of a new day, te haeata o te rā. With a new day comes new beginnings, renewed energy and new opportunities.

The colours evoke emotions of happiness, vibrancy and passion.

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