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What is romantic and sexual attraction?

Attraction refers to who a person is attracted to and how (romantically, emotionally, and/or sexually). 

There are many types of attraction but not everyone can or wants to identify with one label. People’s preferences, identities and behaviours can also change over time.  

Learn some common terms, watch a video or read more about attraction. 

Attraction in Aotearoa

Image showing how there differences in attraction

Of New Zealanders aged 18 years and over, 4.4 percent (169,500 people) identified as being part of the rainbow (LGBTQIA+ or Takatāpui) population in a Stats NZ survey for the year ended June 2021.  

Young people aged 18-24 were more likely to identify as bisexual or gay/lesbian than any other age group.  

New Zealand culture and laws around attraction and sexuality were significantly influenced by colonisation. The impacts are still felt by takatāpui  today. Takatāpui is a traditional Māori term meaning ‘intimate companion of the same sex.’ It has been reclaimed to embrace all Māori who identify with diverse genders, sexualities and sex characteristics. 

Read more about takatāpui and whānau experiences. 

Hear from young people

Watch a video celebrating the diversity of the rainbow community.

Key contacts 

Contact these organisations for connections and training. 

Organisational inclusivity

Improve your organisational policies, procedures and strategy. 

Practice inclusivity 

Improve your practices when working with diverse groups of participants. 

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