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What is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?


Diversity is the differences between people – their characteristics, attributes, backgrounds, and the perspectives they bring.  

Diversity of thought and a variety of perspectives and experiences leads to increased creativity, innovation and better decision-making at a strategic and operational level. 



Equality is the assumption that everyone benefits from the same resources, supports and opportunities.   

Equity recognises that everyone doesn't begin in the same place in society. It’s about advocating for those who may have been historically disadvantaged and providing them with opportunities to be successful so that everyone gets the resources and support they need.  Equity is fair outcomes for individuals belonging to diverse groups, achieved by addressing the barriers each of these groups face.

Justice is when the cause of the inequity is addressed and systemic barriers have been removed.

Comparing images of people trying to see over a fence to highlight Equality, equity, and Justice

Find out more about how an equitable and just society are one of the five pou of the sport and recreation sector’s preferred future.


Inclusion is the ongoing exercise of valuing diverse groups by creating safe and welcoming environments in which everyone can fully participate. It’s about pro-active behaviours, options and actions that make people from all backgrounds, ages and abilities feel that they belong.

There are different ways to help participants feel a sense of belonging. What matters most is providing choices and asking what works best for them:

  • Inclusion is when you create spaces and activities that enable everyone to participate together.
  • Integration is when participants with individual needs are included in the mainstream setting but the environment or activity is adapted specifically for them.
  • Safe spaces are tailored environments outside of the mainstream setting that cater to participants.

When none of these choices are given, participants are excluded. Exclusion marginalises individuals denying them access and participation. 

By providing choice and listening to each individual’s needs, we can ensure a positive experience for all participants.

Inclusion model

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