Community Sport & Recreation Facility Development Guide

11 June 2019

Sport New Zealand is committed to supporting local government, and national, regional and local sports organisations to deliver a greater proportion of community sport and recreation facilities that are more affordable, efficient, effective and sustainable.

The Community Sport & Recreation Facility Development Guide is designed to help those looking to build or develop a community aquatic and/or indoor sports facility. It builds on the National Sporting Facilities Framework.

The guide has a particular focus on the affordability and whole-of-life financial sustainability of multi-sports centres that can meet a range of community needs while complying with best practice and the required standards. It includes reference facility designs, and provides a step-by-step process and supporting information for the six stages of the best-practice facility lifecycle:

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Download the full guide (pdf, 4mb)

Download the summary version (pdf, 1.4mb) Interactive summary version

Download individual stages

Stage 1: Concept

Outlines the three steps in the concept stage – project scoping, needs assessment and feasibility – that are your best insurance against poor investment.

Download Stage 1 (pdf, 516kb)

Stage 2: Plan

Outlines steps in the detailed planning phase of a project that takes place once the need for a sports facility and its components are agreed, the business case has been developed and a suitable location has been selected.

Download Stage 2 (pdf, 266kb)

Stage 3: Design

Outlines the five key design phases that all building projects go through to convert expectations in to reality.

Download Stage 3 (pdf, 1.3mb)

Stage 4: Build

Outlines the build (construction) stage of a project, from activity starting on site through to the project starting its operational life.

Download Stage 4 (pdf, 884kb)

Stage 5: Operate

Provides guidance on management and operational practices that are essential to ensure a quality experience for those who use the facility and the long-term protection of a valuable community asset.

Download Stage 5 (pdf, 263kb)

Stage 6: Improve

Provides guidance on how to measure the performance of a facility once it has been operating for a period of time, and the importance of sharing learnings for improved decision-making for future projects.

Download Stage 6 (pdf, 244kb)


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