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Community sport and recreation facility development guide

Community sport and recreation facility development guide

Sport New Zealand is committed to supporting local government, and national, regional and local sports organisations to deliver a greater proportion of community sport and recreation facilities that are more affordable, efficient, effective and sustainable.

The Community Sport and Recreation Facility Development Guide is designed to help those looking to build or develop a community aquatic and/or indoor sports facility. It builds on the National Sporting Facilities Framework.

The guide has a particular focus on the affordability and whole-of-life financial sustainability of multi-sports centres that can meet a range of community needs while complying with best practice and the required standards. It includes reference facility designs, and provides a step-by-step process and supporting information for the six stages of the best-practice facility lifecycle:

  • Concept
  • Plan
  • Design
  • Build
  • Operate
  • Improve
Download individual stages
  • Stage 1: Concept

    Outlines the three steps in the concept stage – project scoping, needs assessment and feasibility – that are your best insurance against poor investment.

    Download Stage 1 (pdf, 516kb)

  • Stage 2: Plan

    Outlines steps in the detailed planning phase of a project that takes place once the need for a sports facility and its components are agreed, the business case has been developed and a suitable location has been selected.

    Download Stage 2 (PDF, 266KB)

  • Stage 3: Design

    Outlines the five key design phases that all building projects go through to convert expectations into reality.

    Download Stage 3 (PDF, 1.3MB)

  • Stage 4: Build

    Outlines the build (construction) stage of a project, from activity starting on-site through to the project starting its operational life.

    Download Stage 4 (PDF, 884KB)

  • Stage 5: Operate

    Provides guidance on management and operational practices that are essential to ensure a quality experience for those who use the facility and the long-term protection of a valuable community asset.

    Download Stage 5 (PDF, 263KB)

  • Stage 6: Improve

    Provides guidance on how to measure the performance of a facility once it has been operating for a period of time, and the importance of sharing learnings for improved decision-making for future projects.

    Download Stage 6 (PDF, 244KB)

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