11 June 2019

A constitution is a basic set of rules for running your club. It details for your members and others the name, objects, methods of management, and other conditions under which your club operates and generally the reasons for its existence.


Constitutions do the following:

  • explain to members and non-members what your club is about
  • provide guidelines for the daily running of the club
  • help to sort out internal problems
  • provide a legal framework if your group wishes to become incorporated
  • help in seeking resources from other organisations, such as a government agencies
  • allow you to apply for a liquor licence.

A constitution can be very simple, containing only a basic outline of who you are, what you are set up for and important management matters.

The extent to which you add detail in the constitution depends on the needs of the club at the time of establishment, and later as it grows.

Many details relating to minor management matters are best kept within the club’s policies and discussed at club meetings keeping your constitution flexible and easy to operate within.


Sample constitution (DOC)


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