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Boardtalk, 17 July 2015

Boardtalk, 17 July 2015

Governance benchmark review 2014

Last year we undertook a major piece of research looking at governance development across a group of organisations that were benchmarked in 2003. There is some great progress that is a credit to the sector and hundreds of hardworking people. Challenges remain in planning, the role of the board and management interaction. An essential read for all sector boards.

Governance framework for sport and recreation in New Zealand

In response to the benchmark findings Sport New Zealand in consultation with sector representatives has created a governance framework. This is based in our accumulated good practice and experience over the past ten years. We have looked to similar international frameworks and listened to some sound feedback. The framework is still in draft and we are interested in a wider set of sector feedback.

Health and Safety

Select Committee reporting back on the new legislation has been delayed two months until July 25. Our advice remains primarily to ensure that your processes meet current legislation. We urge our partners to exercise caution before committing to expenditure or making decisions based on draft legislation that may change over the coming months.

Focusing on the future

The primary role of a board is the creation of a prosperous future for the organisation. Too many boards in all sectors linger on things that have already happened rather than influencing what is to come. A good piece from Boardworks International on how to keep the governance conversation future focussed.

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