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Co-design - design phase

Co-design - design phase

Defining the details of what the space will look/feel like and what features it might include  

  • Whanaungatanga: Build and sustain quality relationships as a foundation to belonging.
  • Manaakitanga: Create safe spaces where young people feel accepted, included, and valued
  • Whai Wāhitanga: Give young people space to assume agency and take responsibility.
  • Mātauranga: Empower young people with useful, timely, and meaningful information.

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  • Whanaungatanga

    Building and sustaining quality relationships as a foundation to belonging

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    Opening lines of communication with rangatahi

    • Inform them of the project plan and any changes
    • Encourage rangatahi to update the group on any changes or developments in the work streams they are progressing
    • Hold events or workshops to generate or refine detailed ideas or review examples together

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    Inviting a broader group of rangatahi in the community to validate different design concepts for the space or aspects of an active recreation programme

    • When sending out surveys that are designed to better understand the needs of rangatahi, include the option to be invited to validate designs
  • Manaakitanga

    Creating safe spaces where young people feel accepted, included, and valued

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    Introducing new people who have joined

    • Introduce yourself again to the new joiners in the group and go around the room, so rangatahi who are part of the group can introduce themselves and talk about the role they have taken on as a part of the project

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    Acknowledging the contributions of those who are taking on additional responsibility

    • When rangatahi update you on their progress, or create connections to more rangatahi, acknowledge them for their contributions by talking about the impact this has had on the project; creating a raffle where there is an entry for each contribution to the project; giving spot prizes at the start of every in-person meetup to those who have contributed the most

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    Recognising when focus is being lost

    • If rangatahi start losing interest in co-design activities, pause the activity to play a game or have a break to bring the focus back to the group
  • Whai Wāhitanga

    Giving young people space to assume agency and take responsibility

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    Supporting young people to test designs with their peers

    • Create a survey to understand the needs of a wider group of rangatahi who are intended to be the participants of an active recreation programme or users of a space
    • Support rangatahi to ask their peers for feedback which help you to hear from a broader audience

    icon of an eye
    Encouraging the use of visual tools

    • These can help rangatahi to articulate their thoughts and visions, especially for visual learners and communicators for example, PowerPoint, Miro, drawing
  • Mātauranga

    Empowering young people with useful, timely, and meaningful information

    icon of a flow chart
    Keeping rangatahi informed

    • Provide rangatahi with a clear programme plan and key milestones of the project
    • If there are any changes, update the support team via their online channels
    • Ask the support team what their preferred channels of communication are for example, Instagram, WhatsApp, Discord
    • Share with them reasons why any ideas are not being implemented so they can learn through the process


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