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Seven key opportunities to create a more inclusive system

The future of play, active recreation and sport.

To help understand diverse New Zealanders’ current experiences of active spaces, opportunities, and organisations, and what could change to better serve the needs of all New Zealanders, Sport NZ commissioned Innovation Unit to talk to a diverse range of New Zealanders about their experiences of physical activity, as well as those who have an influence over others’ access to physical activity opportunities.

Take a look at the resources below which include stories which have been brought to life visually to define seven key opportunities which could help create a more inclusive physical activity system.

How to use the resources:

  • Browse the ‘Perspectives map’ to get a view of the big picture. Read the quotes and opportunities. Ask yourself, which of these voices do I not hear often?
  • Dive into the detail. Where you find quotes or opportunities that pique your interest, dive deeper into the detail of the relevant journeys and opportunities documents.
  • Reflect on what was surprising. What challenged your assumptions, or reaffirmed hunches you had? What additional questions does this raise for you? How could you spend time with people who have different backgrounds and experiences from you more often?
  • Share and discuss your thoughts with your colleagues, and help your team challenge their own assumptions. Brainstorm questions together about your work or initiatives, and go talk with people who might have a different perspective from you
  • Plan what you will do differently. How might we help create a more inclusive physical activity system through our day to day work?
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