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Stakeholder survey tool

Stakeholder survey tool

For national sports organisations and regional sports trusts. Includes the stakeholder survey guide which provides a quantifiable picture of an organisation's performance as perceived by its stakeholders. 

Sport New Zealand has worked with Potential Development and Leaderskill Group to develop a stakeholder survey to enable sector organisations to measure their stakeholders’ perceptions of their overall performance.

The survey will provide a quantifiable picture of their organisational performance as perceived by their stakeholders, which if re-administered on a regular basis can then be used to track an organisation’s progress.

A separate survey for national sports organisations (NSOs) national recreation organisation (NROs) and regional sports trusts (RSTs) has been produced to take into account the differences in both purpose and key stakeholder groups between the two types of sector organisations.

Who is surveyed?

The survey is targeted at stakeholders with a direct knowledge of, or relationship with the sector organisation.

The stakeholder groups are customised for each organisation, some group examples are:

Stakeholder group examples.

NSO stakeholder survey

RST stakeholder survey

athletes regional sports body representative

elite level high performance coaches

sport/recreation club representative
junior, club or regional coaches territorial authority
officials health service funder/provider
sports club representatives early childhood, primary or secondary education provider
regional sporting body representative tertiary education provider
affiliated partner Maori community/Iwi
  disability support agency

How is the survey completed?

All respondents are sent an email containing a link to the survey site and instructions for how to access and complete the survey. The survey should take respondents no more than ten minutes to complete.

The responses are one hundred percent anonymous – responses cannot be traced to an individual stakeholder.

What are the respondents asked?

Stakeholder respondent questions.

NSO Stakeholder survey

RST stakeholder survey

Leadership and direction Contribution and facilitation
Communication Communication
Service delivery Service delivery
Quality of relationship Quality of relationship

How are the results presented?

Once the survey has been administered the results are automatically collated and presented into a PDF report. Demographic information, an overall score, summaries of each of the ‘pillars’, the specific results for each of the questions, and the comments made by respondents are displayed in the report using a variety of graphs.

Also included is a breakdown of the results by stakeholder group – so you can easily see, for example, the perception of coaches on the NSOs communications.

The results are also downloadable into Excel format to allow more detailed analysis.

Administering the survey

Currently, Sport NZ and Potential Development will perform all of the administration of the survey and provide you with the completed report. If required Sport NZ will work with you to amend the survey to ensure the tool meets your specific requirements.

Phase 2 of the stakeholder survey's development is currently being scoped. This may involve a web interface allowing sector organisations to administer the survey directly.

What information does Sport NZ require to administer the survey?

A spreadsheet is required containing the names and email addresses of all of your organisations key stakeholders along with the stakeholder groups identified above. In order to return statistically valid data and account for response rates, as many stakeholder contacts as possible are required.

Sport NZ will not use the stakeholder details supplied for any purpose other than the administration of the survey.

Your organisation’s logo is also required to add to the online survey form.

An email message from your CEO ahead of the survey going out is required to give respondents a ‘heads up’ about the coming survey.

What does Sport NZ do with the information?

The tool is designed to provide you with feedback on your performance as perceived by your stakeholders - to enable you to better meet their needs. The contact details provided, and the information collected is yours. Sport NZ will not use the information for any other purpose.

For RSTs a stakeholder satisfaction measure is a requirement of the Sport NZ investment schedule. The tool will provide a measure of stakeholder satisfaction to satisfy this requirement.

The focus for Sport NZ however, is not on monitoring but ensuring the RST understands stakeholder perceptions of performance and responds accordingly.

Who do I contact to run the survey on my organisation?

If you would like to administer the Stakeholder Survey, please contact your Sport NZ Relationship Manager.

If you require an accessible version of any content on the site please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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