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Web Accessibility check list

Web Accessibility check list

☐ Colour Contrast

Check that your text and background have a minimum colour contrast of 4.5:1. Ensure icons and controls contrast with their background by at least 3:1. Use tools like the TPG Colour Contrast Analyser for this.

☐ Alt Text

Add alt text to all images. If an image is decorative, use ALT=””.

☐ Meaningful Links

Make link text unique and clear about its purpose without needing to refer to surrounding content. Instead of “Read the rules of tennis here”, use “Read the Rules of tennis”.

☐ Heading Structure

Mark content with heading tags that match a logically consistent visual hierarchy.

☐ Easy-to-Read Content

Strive for a score of 60-65 on the Fleisch reading-ease test for all content aimed at a general audience. Use the built-in checker in Word by pasting your content into a document.

☐ Non-Mouse (Keyboard) Access

Ensure all functions operate using standard keyboard control and that a clear focus indicator is present.

☐ Forms

Design forms as simply as possible to achieve the goal. Label clearly and concisely, and make sure error text describes both the problem and the solution.

☐ Landmarks

Ensure that Main, Navigation, and Search regions are marked.

☐ Check Your Pages

Use code checking tools, like Axe to find potential accessibility issues.


Limit the use of PDF documents. Enable users to print the information using a print style sheet.

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If you require an accessible version of any content on the site please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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