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What we're working towards

What we're working towards

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The wellbeing of our tamariki is important

Solidarity iconWellbeing encompasses the whole individual through recognising physical, social, emotional and spiritual dimensions of hauora. Taking a holistic approach to developing knowledge, skills and competencies is essential to tamariki wellbeing.

Cognitive iconPhysical activity improves tamariki cognitive function, concentration, attention, reasoning, and on-task behaviour, leading to socially connected learners who are more engaged and achieve greater in and outside of the classroom.

Skipping rope iconGood nutrition and quality physical activity improves tamariki physical and mental health. Tamariki attitudes, knowledge and behaviours towards nutrition and physical activity impact future health and wellbeing.

How Sport NZ will deliver Healthy Active Learning

To deliver its component of Healthy Active Learning, Sport NZ is partnering with 14 Regional Sports Trusts (RSTs) to provide a physical activity workforce to support approximately 800 targeted schools and kura. Phase One (2020-22) will support 300 schools and kura, and Phase Two (2022-24) will support an additional 500 schools and kura.

Primary and intermediate schools and kura will have access to a dedicated and skilled workforce that will support


Schools and kura to understand and recognise the value of the Health and Physical Education and Hauora curriculum
  • Assist school leadership to understand the contribution of the HPE and Hauora curriculum in addressing educational priorities
  • Access to school wide PLD to build the knowledge and understanding of the HPE and Hauora curriculum
  • Support in creating cross curricular links and aligning and connecting Healthy Active Learning outcomes to school charters, strategic plans and Kahui Ako achievement challenges
  • Access to teacher release funding to support staff PLD opportunities


Schools and kura to create an environment that supports and promotes quality play, sport and physical activity
  • Support in developing plans that promote and support quality play, sport and physical activity opportunities
  • Support in providing the time, place and permission to enable quality play opportunities
  • Support in planning and delivering quality inter-school and intra-school sport opportunities
  • Support in recruiting, recognising and retaining volunteers, coaches and managers


Teachers and kaiako to be confident and capable in delivering the Health and Physical Education and Hauora curriculum
  • Access to HPE and Hauora curriculum resources to support teaching practice
  • Support with effective planning and implementation of the HPE and Hauora curriculum
  • In-class mentoring and team teaching
  • Access to mentoring
  • Access to connections with HPE educational networks (e.g. PENZ, EONZ, NZHEA)


Schools and kura to create a healthy food and drink environment
  • Support in developing systems and processes that promote a healthy food and drink environment
  • Support in developing and implementing healthy food and water-only policies


Schools and kura to make well informed decisions when engaging with external providers
  • Access to external provider guidelines and support in developing policy around use of external providers
  • Access to up-to-date information on local external providers and what support is available
  • Support in aligning the use of external providers to long- term strategic planning
  • Access to resources and good practice examples to support the development of effective partnerships between schools, kura and external providers


Schools and kura to strengthen their connections with their wider community, including whānau and local health and physical activity providers
  • Assistance in identifying and accessing community resources and assets, including external providers
  • Support in engaging and communicating with whānau and the wider school community regarding school and kura related activities.

Partnering with Regional Sport Trusts

Sport NZ is partnering with 14 RSTs to lead, manage and implement its component of the initiative: Aktive, Sport Northland, Sport Waikato, Sport Bay of Plenty, Sport Gisborne Tairāwhiti, Sport Taranaki, Sport Hawke's Bay, Sport Whanganui, Sport Manawatu, Nuku Ora, Sport Tasman, Sport Canterbury, Active Southland, and Sport Otago.

Schools & kura supported by the physical activity workforce
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