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Sport NZ Facilities Planning Tool

Sport NZ Facilities Planning Tool

What is it? 

The Sport NZ Facilities Planning Tool is a digital solution to assist the regional planning process of sporting and recreation facilities 

The tool aims to capture facility data of all New Zealand’s sporting and recreation facilities region by region and deliver a single point of reference for people planning the future provision of spaces and places (facilities) for play, active recreation and sport. 

Who is it for? 

Asset owners and people involved in planning for the provision of sporting and recreation facilities. 

Better decision making  

Sport NZ promotes and encourages a collaborative regional approach and way of working with those involved in planning for future spaces and places (facility) needs.  

Working with our Regional Sports Trust partners, we develop a strategic high-level plan and view of what the needs of a region are, rather than what the ‘wants’ are. This helps inform better decision making and investment by councils, funding agencies, sporting and community organisations for local, district, sub-regional and regional level requirements. The Facility Data Tool supports everyone involved in the regional planning process. 

How does it work?

The tool has been developed to be an intuitive way to capture data through a mobile application in both online and offline modes. Those with access can create, update and monitor each facility, regardless of an available internet connection. Users will also be able to capture and update facility data through the web-based platform, so that existing data is easily added from a desktop computer. 

We are also currently working on the ability to pull facility related data from the Facility Data Tool into Sport NZ’s data warehouse, so that users of the tool can visualise the data through Sports NZ’s Insights Tool. 

How do I sign up?

The tool is free to use, but you need to register with Sport New Zealand to obtain a login. Please email




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