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BoardTalk, 1 April 2014

BoardTalk, 1 April 2014

Monitoring and compliance, nine steps in print, and the Health and Safety at Work Bill.


The future is not in the rear vision mirror

Boards absolutely have a monitoring and compliance role. But many spend too much time on things that have already happened and therefore cannot be influenced.

This McKinsey article emphasises and gives practical ways to ensure the board is primarily focused on creating the future.

Dutch get tough on governance standards

In 2005 the Netherlands Olympic Committee and Sport Confederation introduced a set of voluntary governance standards. From 2011 all National Sport Federations have needed to comply with 17 mandatory minimum criteria for good governance to receive sport funding from the Lottery.


Nine Steps to Effective Governance. We have received another print run of this popular resource. Hard copies are available. Contact

Sport New Zealand has added two new titles to the suite of business resources.

  • The Role of the Board Chair. This short volume recognises the unique challenges that face the board chair. Arranged in three tiers, it has insights for all levels of expertise from the beginner to the highly experienced chair. A limited number of hard copies have been distributed. A PDF version and associated resources can be found here.
  • Planning in Sport. Now covering all aspects of planning in sport with a range of experts providing different perspectives Whole of sport, community, high performance and other forms of planning are all considered. More contemporary perspectives on measurement are also discussed. Hard copies will be distributed in early April. The PDF version and an extensive library of resources will be available in Managing sport.


This Bill had its first reading recently and has been referred to select committee. Public submissions close on 11 April. There are clear obligations on directors in the new legislation. However, at present it is proposed any unpaid directors are exempt from prosecution. That itself raises some interesting questions. Sport NZ will keep a close eye on the progress of the bill and the implications for directors in the sector.

In the meantime further information can be found below at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website.

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