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Grant Schofield: Movement is crucial to learning

Video transcript

[Grant Schofield speaking]

What we know is that kids moving around most of the day is crucial for, not just their well-being, but for how well they do it school. I think this is, something we've overlooked is we’re still stuck in this 18th century classroom design, where we sit kids down and we teach stuff at them.

That's out, and I think most progressive schools and teachers and whatnot especially with the young kids are understanding that, you know there's an emergence of play-based learning, learning through a curriculum that involves physical movement is crucial.

And when kids are able to do that they learn better, they are happier, and they're healthier, so you get that sort of trifecta of happier, healthier, and learning better.

It's really powerful and you wonder why we forgot that as a species? It's been crucial to kids through the whole time they’ve been on the planet.

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