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The value of community involvement

Video transcript

[Geoff Barry speaking]

Kids spend five or six hours a day in a primary school but then they spend most their life, if you like, outside in the community, at home, and within community sports organizations. So critical is we link the two. 

[Mark Searle speaking]

With Play.Sport and Kōkiri Marae we've been able to get them into schools and teaching them, just with small groups first and then it's been able to expose the teachers and give them the experience, and that's led to going from just small friendly games between schools to having our first inter-school tournament last year. So we had twenty teams the first year and after only exposing the game after six months, and the kids loved it. We get the feedback from schools that was an activity they wanted to be able to do in PE, and link in with lots of their other learning as well. 

[Jarod Summers speaking]

One team the Kīoma’s - what they're trying to dothey're trying to score points by touching the pou’s around the outside without getting tagged or their tag is ripped and runs to the middle to score a try. Where the Taniwha’s, what they're trying to do is get the ball off the Kīoma’s and try and hit the Tupu which is a big barrel in the middle and that's how they score.

[Mark Searle speaking]

So far it’s been really good because we've moved away from just going in and teaching a game but we're actually bringing a lot more reflection in being more explicit with what the purpose of the learning is. Rather than going out for game and saying “home time - off you go” you know we’re coming and unpacking and having a clear purpose with the learning, whether it's being, you know, we're working with others, developing relationship skills, you know cooperative play, being able to listen to your teammates without you know getting angry, and all those social skills as well as physical skills.

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