Planning in sport

11 June 2019

All aspects of planning in sport. The strategic process is considered in detail with a range of experts providing different perspectives.

Varying approaches to creative thinking and problem solving are included in the Planning in sport booklet. It covers the whole of sport, community, high performance and other forms of planning that fit into the business and strategic plans.


Planning in sport (PDF)

Supporting material

Sport New Zealand publications

Perspectives section

Organisational change in seven selected sports - Sport NZ 2011



  • Kawasaki, Guy.Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions. UK: Penguin, 2011.
  • Simons, Annette.The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence and Persuasion Through the Arts of Storytelling. Basic Books, 2006.

Think section

Business model canvas


Further thinking tools


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Execute section

Sport NZ resources

Strategic plan template (DOC)

Strategy and planning

Stakeholder analysis

Environmental analysis

Fact sheet on PESTLE analysis

SWOT/TOWS analysis

Strategic assumptions

Ivey Business Journal article on strategic assumptions

Customer/market analysis

Bain & Co resources across a wide range of areas


Further Bain & Co material

Purpose, vision, values

Forbes article from John Kotter International

General strategy resources


Eden, C and Ackermann, F. Making Strategy: The Journey of Strategic Management. London: Sage Publications, 1998.



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Operational plans

Sport NZ resources

Good practice in the sector

Coaching plans

High performance

  • Tri NZ HP plan to 2020. Good practice document. Obviously some sensitivity as this is a live and current document. HPDs interested in learnings please talk to your performance consultant at HPSNZ.
  • Facilities plan - Hockey New Zealand

Knowledge management

Information and research

Sport NZ resources

In Fact research summary series

Research and reports - for inquiries related to Sport NZ research phone 04 472 8058 and ask for the Research team.

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Economics and statistics