Rugby World Cup 2011 volunteering resources

11 June 2019

Covers planning, recruitment, training, volunteer compliance, uniform distribution, scheduling, reward and recognition, research and reporting.


The 2011 Rugby World Cup was supported by New Zealand's biggest ever volunteer effort. Officially called the Rugby World Cup 2011 Volunteer Programme, it saw an unpaid workforce of more than 5000 play a crucial role in the delivery of a great sporting event.

The programme also delivered an important post-tournament legacy of knowledge, skills and resources that will benefit New Zealand’s future major events management and volunteering in general. On this page we've gathered many of the resources produced by Rugby New Zealand 2011 that compose this legacy.

The Volunteer Programme comprised the following key stages:

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Below are the key planning documents that set the programme's strategic direction. These documents tie all of the key stages together.


This section contains three key components that made up the RWC Volunteer recruitment process and key documents used at each stage.


Example launch media release (PDF, 362 Kb). Outlines how the volunteer programme was launched and includes the launch event run sheet.


Role descriptions for all the different jobs:


Training information for those conducting interview sessions

Interviewer overview presentation (PPTX, 6.55 Mb) to show how the interview session will run.

Role descriptions for each interview helper role:

Volunteer interview documents

Video overview of the interview session and expectations of a RWC volunteer (YouTube).

Role specific interview templates that each volunteer filled in prior to their one on one interview:


The training section includes example content for each of the key phases of the RWC Volunteer training programme.

Train the trainer training

Team leader training

Online orientation training

Online role specific training

Hosting roles

Transport roles

VIP roles

Face-to-face role specific training







Sport Presentation

Generic Training

Venue Specific Training

Volunteer compliance

This section includes the Terms and Conditions used for each RWC Volunteer application and the Volunteer Code of Conduct that each volunteer agreed to when accepting their RWC Volunteer role offer.

Uniform distribution

The RWC Volunteer uniform received great feedback from the volunteers themselves and the general public including overseas visitors, in this section you will find:


Scheduling is a key component of managing large groups of people. With over 5000 RWC Volunteers working across the country, and at multiple venues, the following system scoping document was required to develop the scheduling system.

Reward and recognition


  • Fact sheet (PDF, 283 Kb) of the UMR research into the public perception to the RWC Volunteers.


Terms and disclaimer

Terms of use

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