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Active NZ surveys

Nationwide participation survey on young people and adults

Active NZ

Active NZ has been running in one form or another since 1997. Since 2017, we survey a sample of New Zealanders registered on the electoral roll every month through our research partner, Kantar Public. We are doing this to understand the physical activities you do and what you think about being physically active.

If you have received an invitation to complete the Active NZ survey and are having trouble, please try typing this link into your browser (or if you are between 12 and 17 years) and follow the instructions online.

Active NZ surveys

The results from our nationwide participation survey on young people and adults.

FAQs Active NZ 

In 2021 we appointed Kantar Public (formerly Colmar Brunton) as our new research partner for the Active NZ survey. As part of this change, we reviewed the survey method and questionnaires. Included in the FAQs are the changes to Active NZ that went live in January 2022, along with the young people and adult questionnaires.

Spotlight reports

A spotlight in time on an aspect of our Active NZ survey data, focusing on one of our priority areas to improve participation.

Playing Kī o rahi, a traditional Māori sport
Collaborating with Otago University

To help understand how we could have the greatest impact on young people (ages 5-17), we collaborated with Dr Anja Mizdrak at the University of Otago Department of Health

Two adults crossing a finish line in a running race
Participation trends report

A trends report using survey data collected between 1998-2014 that looks at the rate of change in adult New Zealanders’ participation in sport and active recreation.

Tamariki catching a wave on surfboard
Young people's survey 2011

A school-based survey of over 17,000 young New Zealanders (5 to 18 years old).

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